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Living With Art: Joe Amrhein and Susan Swenson


The Collection Pierogi Built.

Steve Shane 2 of 2


Steve Shane is a passionate art collector with eclectic tastes, but from the nearly thousand diverse artworks that he has amassed over the last three decades, Shane recognizes recurring tendencies and themes, like "art about art," "painting without paint," and "dysfunctional family..

Steve Shane 1 of 2


Living with Art: Collector Steve Shane..

Living with Art: Episode 2, The Brunch


Collectors Susan and Michael Hort open their doors for a viewing of their latest acquisitions. .

Living with Art: Susan and Michael Hort Part 2 of 2


Living with Art: Susan and Michael Hort. In Part 2: New York and Eastern European Artists..

Living with Art: Susan and Michael Hort


New York collectors Susan and Michael Hort share a passion for contemporary art and discovering new talents. .

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