Living with Art: Susan and Michael Hort

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Posted Feb 12th 2008 10:15

Thanks for sharing your great work.



Posted Jan 15th 2008 08:17

Its just amazing for me to see my contemporaries talking and showing their works on the other end of the world. I enjoyed this, Baskin, Schutz and Katz and really could sit another couple of hours. Thanks for your great work, I came here via Edward Winklemans blog, from the Caucasus, Hans

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Posted: 10/09/07
Duration: 12:06
Producer: NewArtTV
Views: 40675

New York collectors Susan and Michael Hort share a passion for contemporary art and discovering new talents. Over twenty years they've assembled a collection focused on emerging artists that now numbers over 2,000 works. Every year during the New York art fairs, they make a selection of newly acquired works, install them in their 10,000 square-foot, downtown triplex, and invite hundreds of friends and art-world people over for a brunchtime viewing. In this first episode of the NewArtTV profile of the Horts, we drop in as Susan and Michael and their curator Simon Watson put together the intallation and share their thoughts on the pleasures of collecting, and how they turned to art to make "something good" out of the untimely death of their daughter Rema.

"The Installation" is Episode I of a multi-episode profile. Featured in this Part 1 of Episode 1: LA-Based Artists Thomas Houseago, Aaron Curry, and Aaron Morse.

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