Alex Katz

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Jeffrey Collins

Posted Nov 24th 2008 02:05

It took me a whole to get into Katz' work, but now I find his paintings quite amazing. I love his landscapes the most. He has his own way of painting landscapes that no one else does.


Posted Oct 21st 2008 06:22

I like the work. It seems more anchored in the American tradition than for example Warhol.

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Duration: 10:15
Producer: NewArtTV
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A Studio Visit With Alex Katz: Alex Katz paints people and places from a world he calls high bohemia, and always with an eye on the optical. In this studio visit Alex Katz takes us on a tour of work in progress and some fifty years of some his own best works. Katz talks about his work process and technique, light and color, the price of success, his wife and muse Ada, and Hilton Kramer's "great bad reviews." (Part 1 of a 2-part Production.)

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